Hello Viewers!

I must say, I had to blog the most amazing female developer on IMVU, Blaise.

Being a male and constantly shopping in the male department, I only know very few female designers. But somehow I knew about Blaise’s catalog..

There’s something about her clothing that makes it stand out and have a loud/bold statement.

Could it be urban,retro,etc. ? The answer to that question is no. Her style is BLAISE. Which is why everyone loves shopping her catalog.

I’ve seen many failing attempts to become “The next Blaise”. But we, as shoppers.. don’t ever have to worry about Blaise being duplicated.. due to her style being so original.

Keep up the good work Skye!



Finchique Returns.

hiResSnapshot3Hello FIN’S !

It’s been a while, actually DECADES since we’ve had a new post. I promised you all that Finchique would be active again and stuck to that promise. Although it took years, I finally found someone to assist me with our blog !

Introducing Swerve@imvu, also known as Kellan.

You, as viewers, will see a lot of Kellan here on Finchique. His style in Fashion is absolutely badass!

There will also be a lot of Features,Advertisements,Interviews,etc. this year !

Hope we don’t disappoint you guys, which I’m sure we wont.

In the mean time…

Enjoy xoxo